Ticket Types

A Ticket Type is a short name for your ticket used on the event page. Ticket Types are categories that you assign to tickets to help users distinguish what kind of tickets they are buying. This is useful when you have more than one type of ticket you want to offer for an event.

For example, you could create a ticket for members of a Sports Club and set the Ticket Type as:

  • Members ticket type for those who have a membership or, 
  • Guest ticket type for non-members.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Events Admin can access the Ticket Types window.

Do not confuse Ticket Types with Event Types. For further information, see Event Types.

For further information, see Events Overview.

Ticket Types Fields

This table lists and explains the fields in the Ticket Types window.

Field NameDefinition
NameThis is the name of the Ticket Type. Ticket Type names must be unique. The Ticket Type name is used on ticket lists and Door Entry.
This field is mandatory.
Edit Ticket Type ()Click to open the Add / edit ticket type dialog. Changing the Ticket Type name will not update the names of related ticket products.
Deactivate Ticket Type ()Click to Deactivate this Ticket Type. It will no longer be available to select.
Show Deactivated TypesCheck to show Ticket Types that have been deactivated. An Active column is displayed to show Yes if the Ticket Type is active, or No if the Ticket Type has been deactivated.

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