Event Types

Events Types are classifications that allow you to better organise and display the events you are running. You can use one or more Event Types to categorise and organise an event. 

This makes it easier to:

  • Put events into Groups of similar kinds
  • Filter events list displays
  • Use widgets to display events that belong to one or more Event Type


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Events Admin can access the Event Types window.

Do not confuse Event Types with Ticket Types. For further information, see Ticket Types.

For further information, see Events Overview.

Event Types Fields

This table lists and explains the fields in the Event Types windows.

Field NameDefinition
(System) NameThis is a list of the active Event Types in use, e.g. disabledentry. This should be a web-address-friendly name. This means that you should use only numbers, lowercase letters, dashes and underscores with no spaces.
Display Name

This is the Event Type displayed for users to select when creating a new event. e.g. Disabled Entry. This is what will be displayed in various places in the MSL System. This does not need to be web-address friendly and can contain spaces, upper and lower case characters, and special characters.

Edit ()

Click to Edit this Event Type.

Delete ()Click to Delete this Event Type. It will no longer be available to select

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