Attendance Sessions

An Attendance Session is a period of time for a particular location when attendance is being recorded. If you have pre-defined Attendance Sessions (for example, pre-booked meetings), you can set them up in advance on the Attendance Sessions window.

Attendance Sessions have their own scannable QR code linking to a page on your MSL website enabling checking in without the Attendance station itself, which is ideal for recording attendance in a more informal way.


You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Door Entry Supervisors, Event Admins or Site Admins permissions can access the Attendance Sessions window.

You will need the Attendance module installed on your MSL System to access this feature.
If interested, please ask your Contractual System Admin to get in touch for a quote and to discuss the implementation of this module.

For further information, see Attendance Setup and Attendance Overview.

Attendance Sessions Fields

This table lists and explains the Attendance Sessions Fields.

Field NameDefinition

This is the name of the location where attendance is being recorded for this Session.

The options are any Locations you might have set up. 

For further information, see How to Add a New Location and Entry Point(s).

Start date/time

This is the start date and time for the Session.

This field is mandatory. 

End date/time

This is the end date and time for the Session. 

This field is optional.

LabelThis text field is where you enter relevant notes about the Session, for example, the name of the meeting or event. This field is optional.
Last recordThis shows the date and time of the last entry or exit recorded at the location.
Record countThis is the total number of recorded entries and/ or exits at the location.
Edit ()Click to open the Session details dialog where you can edit the Session fields.
For further information, see How to Edit an Attendance Session.
Get QR code ()Click to open the Session QR code window. The QR code can be scanned, taking the user to a check-in window on your MSL website. The Get QR code button is displayed alongside current Attendance Sessions.
For further information, see How to Get the QR Code for a Session.
Close ()Click to end the Session.
For further information, see How to Close an Attendance Session.

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