How to Add Tickets to an Event via Organisation Admin tools

You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Organisation Admins with permissions to create events can access the Tickets window.

The Organisation Tickets window is enabled on request. If the Organisation Tickets window isn't installed on your MSL System, contact to configure it for you.

Before proceeding, the Event needs to be created before tickets can be added.
For further information, see How to Add a New Event via Organisation Admin Tools.

The default Ticket Type options displayed on the Organisation Tickets window are General, Students, and Members, if set up. To learn how to configure ticket types, see How to Add a Ticket Type. If further options are required, contact to confirm the names of the Ticket Types that should be available.

Requirements are applied by default to Tickets created via Organisation Tickets based on their Ticket Type. If the type is Members, a requirement is automatically added so only members of the event's owning organisation can buy the ticket. Similarly, if the type is Students, a requirement is set so only those in a Membership type group within the main Students' Union organisation can buy the ticket. To request changes to these default requirements, contact

For further information, see Events via Organisation Admin Tools and Event Tickets.

  1. Log in to your MSL website.
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select the Group Name e.g. Tabletop Gaming Society or Jiu Jitsu. The Organisation Admin Tools window is displayed.
  3. Click Tickets. The Tickets window is displayed showing a list of upcoming Events and any Tickets added.
  4. Next to the relevant event, click Add Ticket. The Ticket Details dialog is displayed.
  5. From the Ticket Type dropdown, select a Ticket Type.
  6. In the Price field, enter the price for the Ticket.
  7. In the On sale from / until field, to update the On Sale date and time, click the Calendar icon () and from the date picker, select a date. Enter a time e.g. 13:00. If required, to set an Off Sale date and time, click the Calendar icon () and from the date picker, select a date. Enter a time e.g. 17:00.
  8. If required, in the Sales limit field, enter the sales limit for the Ticket.
  9. If required, in the Per person limit field, enter the per-person sales limit for the Ticket.
  10. If required, complete the following fields:
    • Description
    • Receipt/ ticket text
  11. Click Save. The ticket is created and listed in the Tickets window.

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