Referendum Reports and Voting Stats in Referenda Admin

Referendum Reports provide detailed, real-time information about the referenda you are running, whether you need information about your overall number of voters and votes, IP addresses, demographics of your voters, or the sources of the votes, for example.

They help provide valuable insights into voter behaviour and trends, giving you a better understanding of your voters. They also allow you to monitor any potential irregularities or fraudulent activities, such as an unusually high number of votes cast from the same IP address or unusual voting patterns, letting you promptly detect and intervene, preserving the integrity of the referenda voting process.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Referenda Admin can access the Reports window.

For further information, see Referenda Overview.

Referendum Report Descriptions

The Voting Stats report is displayed on the selected referendum Reports window. It can also be downloaded as either an Excel or PDF file.
For further information, see How to Download a Referendum Report as Excel or PDF.

This table lists and describes the available Referendum Reports in Referenda Admin.

Report NameDefinition
Voting Stats

This report produces the referendum's vote and voter counts broken down by motion, source (if the votes were cast via your MSL website, Polling Station or StudentLink app), and IP address. 

Voting Profile

This report shows the pattern of voting throughout the polling period. This is broken down by votes, voters, source (if the votes were cast via your MSL website, Polling Station or StudentLink app) and motion.

A voter can cast their votes over the entire polling period, so if you notice a discrepancy in the number of voters when adding up voters per day, it may be that the voter cast some votes on one day and some the following day, for example.

Voter DemographicsThis report produces the University data demographic breakdown of voters.

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