How to Safeguard Your Election

The MSL System offers a secure, robust and flexible voting system suitable for all elections and referenda. For more information about the MSL System's security around elections, please download the MSL System Elections security overview document below.

There are also some steps you can take to ensure your election is as secure as possible from electoral fraud:

  1. Set up a Vote Acknowledgement notification so that each time a vote is cast, the voter receives an email notification. This means if someone casts a vote on another user's account, either by accident or maliciously, the user will receive a notification and can get in touch with a member of staff to investigate. For further information, see Election Notifications.
  2. The Polling Station in attended mode requires invigilation to ensure that the student card matches the student. It’s best used with a card scanner and not a keyboard (or if a keyboard is used that the invigilator enters the card number). For further information, see Polling Station.
  3. If you have a login to your MSL Admin site (particularly if you have Polling Station permissions) and you have allowed someone else to use your Admin site login, reset your password. For further guidance, see Change your Admin Website password.
  4. Any user with Membership Admins or Site Admins permissions in your MSL Admin site can search and view ID numbers, edit memberships and reset website passwords/register accounts. To check who has access to your Admin site, see Update or Delete an Admin Website account.
  5. Admin rights to an election can be locked down to specific users, overriding any pre-existing permission. For further information, see Election Administrators.
  6. Keep your MSL Admin site password secure - if you are struggling to remember the password, don't write it down to keep on your desk. To reset your password, see Change your Admin Website password.
  7. If, in the unlikely event, you think your MSL website may be targeted in an attempt to sabotage your election, contact as soon as possible.

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