Referenda Overview

By running Referenda through your MSL Website, Polling Station, and the StudentLink app, you can improve the accessibility and convenience for your members to participate in the voting process. This increased accessibility can lead to higher levels of voter engagement and ensure a more inclusive democratic process.

Running Referenda through the MSL System not only provides accessibility but also offers various information resources. You can present both for and against arguments, explanations and frequently asked questions, empowering voters to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, you can assign users to Motion Groups, enabling them to edit the choice case argument pages for each motion, further promoting collaboration with your members.

As with the MSL Elections features, Referenda Admin allows you to monitor and analyse statistics and reports throughout the referendum process, helping you track quorum levels during the polling period and review detailed voting profiles afterwards. These insights provide valuable information for assessing if the referendum was a success, informing future decision-making processes.

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