Survey Responses

You can download a copy of a user's survey response via the Edit Responses window, making the data quickly and easily accessible to administrators.

Additionally, being able to delete a survey response enables administrators to test the survey's functionality and validity before distributing it to a wider audience, avoiding any potential issues with the survey, and preventing test responses from being incorporated in survey summary reports.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Survey Admin and Organisation Admins with permissions to edit surveys can access the Edit Responses window.
Only Content Editors with access to Survey Admin and with permission to edit surveys at the MSL Membership System root Organisation (Group ID: 0) can delete a survey response.

For further information, see Survey Admin.

Edit Responses Fields

This table lists and explains the fields on the Edit Responses window.

Field NameDefinition
Response #This is the unique ID number for the Response. Response ID is also listed on survey reports.
StatusThis field states if the response is completed in full, or is only partially completed.
The options are:
  • In progress
  • Completed
StartedThis is the date and time the survey response was Started.
CompletedIf applicable, this is the date and time the survey response was Completed.
RespondentThis is the name of the Respondent.
If the respondent was not logged in, the respondent's name is listed as (anonymous).
Response NumberThis is the number of responses to the selected survey received from a particular respondent.
If the survey's response type is set to Editable, Multiple, or MultipleWithAnonymous, a respondent can complete the survey more than once.
For example, if a user had completed the survey twice, the response number next to their first submission is 1, and the response number next to their second submission is 2.
Download Report ()Click to Download the Survey Response report as a PDF file (.pdf).
This field is only displayed alongside completed survey responses. 
Delete ()Click to Delete the response.

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