Survey Reports in Survey Admin

Survey Reports provide a complete overview of survey data, showcasing both the overall trends and individual responses. By combining summary and detailed information, these reports aid in better decision-making, facilitate communication, and enable in-depth analysis of the survey results.

Quickly run the Summary and Detailed Responses reports via Survey Admin, or run further reporting such as Respondent Demographics reporting in the Report Server.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Survey Admin and Organisation Admins with permissions to edit surveys can access the Survey Reports window.

If you would like your Survey respondents to be added into a Group in your MSL System, contact providing the Survey name, Group ID, and how long users populated should remain in the group.

For further information, see Survey Admin.

Survey Reports Descriptions

All Survey Reports can be downloaded as either an Excel or PDF file on the Survey Reports window.
For further information, see How to Download a Survey Report as an Excel or PDF File.

This table lists and describes the available Survey Reports.

Report NameDefinition

This report produces a summary of responses. It contains bar charts alongside tables with a breakdown of how many respondents selected each option for questions where a list of options was provided. Where a textbox question type was used, a list of responses is provided.

Detailed Responses

This report produces a list of all survey responses for further analysis. A response is displayed per row, and this report includes the account holder's details (name, ID number and email address) unless the survey was set to collect anonymous responses.

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