Ideas Widgets

Enhance your Student Voice website pages using the Idea List widget, letting you display any ideas already submitted, and allowing your users to submit and actively engage with those suggestions. 

Users can comment on and express their opinions on the ideas through up and down arrows or thumbs up and thumbs down buttons, creating a collaborative space on your MSL website. To further streamline the user experience, consider enabling a search box and tag filter on your Idea List widget's settings, making it easy for your users to find ideas they're most interested in.

You might want to configure multiple Idea List widgets on separate pages on your MSL website within a dedicated Student Voice hub. This way, current, passed, rejected, and expired ideas can be displayed individually, providing clarity for your users.

The Idea Summary widget could also be a valuable addition to your Student Voice hub, providing a concise visual overview of idea data. Displaying information such as the number of submitted ideas, submitters, votes, commenters, and how many suggestions there are per status, you can present a clear picture showing how engaged your members are. Administrators can also use it to monitor user engagement with different Idea Areas and identify areas for improvement if required.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Website Admin can access the Website Pages window.
Widgets in the Site Widgets section are displayed only to Content Editors with permission to edit pages applied at the root (https://[domainname]/) of your MSL website.

For further information, see Ideas Admin.

This table lists and describes the available Ideas widgets.

Widget NameDescription
Idea List
This widget lists ideas for an Idea Area, optionally filtering by idea status.
Permissions can be specified on the widget, such as who can vote or comment on the ideas displayed, and whether voting is allowed on the list view.
Widget text can be customised, for example, the "Log in to vote" text, or the "No ideas" message.
This widget is located in the Site Widgets section.
For further information, including descriptions of the widget's properties, see Idea List Widget Properties (opens in a new tab).
Idea SummaryThis widget summarises one or more Idea Areas.
Select whether the widget should output HTML to display summary data on the webpage, or JSON should you wish to manipulate the data into your own graphical layout.
Optionally, include archived ideas in the summary.
This widget is located in the Site Widgets section.
For further information, including descriptions of the widget's properties, see Idea Summary Widget Properties (opens in a new tab).

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