Poll Widget

Use the Poll widget to display polls on your MSL website's pages.

While you can set the default chart type in Poll Admin, you can override these settings on the poll widget, enabling you to present the poll results most appropriately. You can also update the size of the chart, changing the dimensions to suit your needs. 

By default, when a respondent answers the poll, the results table and chart are displayed, showing the poll's result. The widget's settings give you the flexibility to specify whether the results table and/or results chart should be hidden. This feature lets you keep the poll results private until a specific date. 

If the purpose of the poll is to decide on changes to your constitution or other significant matters, a referendum might be a more suitable option.
For further information, see Referenda Overview.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Website Admin can access the Website Pages window.

For further information, see Poll Admin.

This table lists and describes the available Poll widgets.

Widget NameDescription
This widget displays a single poll for the selected Organisation.
The chart type can be specified, overriding the default chart type selected in Poll Admin.
Widget text can be customised, for example, the Submit button text, and the Acknowledgement message.
This widget is located in the General Widgets section.
For further information, including descriptions of the widget's properties, see Poll Widget Properties (opens in a new tab).

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