Student Voice Overview

Student Voice refers to the participation and representation of your members in decision-making processes, giving them a meaningful say in shaping what affects them and encouraging a sense of ownership and empowerment among your members.

Student Voice tools encompass a range of means through which your members can express their views, concerns and ideas. The following tools can help you create a more collaborative and inclusive environment:

  • Efficient data collection - Surveys let you ask questions via your MSL website and easily export the collected data for analysis. This streamlined process saves time and effort in gathering insights from your members.
  • Honest and anonymous feedback - The ability to collect anonymous information where required in Surveys encourages respondents to provide honest feedback, especially when dealing with more personal or sensitive questions. For further information, see Survey Admin.
  • Targeted information gathering - Participating in Surveys, Ideas, Polls, and Forums can be restricted to specific groups, allowing you to gather information from a subset of your members. This targeted approach ensures that decisions are informed by those most directly affected, addressing specific problems or interests.
  • Create a collaborative space with Ideas - Let your members submit, comment, and vote on suggestions put forward by other members with this crowdsourcing feature. Optionally add Content Item fields for more detailed context from your submitters. For further information, see Ideas Admin.
  • Instant feedback with Polls - Polls offer an easy way to gather instant feedback from members on various topics. The real-time results facilitate timely decisions. For further information, see Poll Admin.
  • Community building with Forums - Forums provide an adaptable feature that fosters a stronger sense of community among members. They allow for knowledge sharing, community building, housemate matching and staying updated on relevant news and announcements. Forums create a platform for members to come together, discuss common concerns, and contribute their opinions. For further information, see Forum Admin.
  • Engaging content through Blogs - Blogs let individuals publish and share their thoughts, opinions, information, and experiences. They provide an engaging way for authors, including your officers, to connect with readers through written content. Your members can also comment on Blog posts, facilitating direct feedback and conversation. For further information, see Blog Admin.
  • Informal feedback using Page Comments - Enable the Page Comments widget to give your members a place to express thoughts and ask for clarification on your website pages. For further information, see Page Comments.

Additionally, with the Elections & Referenda module, you can further expand your members' involvement in decision-making processes allowing them to participate in elections and referenda. For further information, see Elections Overview and Referenda Overview.

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