Survey Widget

While you can view a survey directly using the survey's short name, creating a friendly URL, by displaying it via the Survey widget you're granted more flexibility and control over additional elements.

With the Survey widget, you can customise the text on various buttons and seamlessly integrate the survey into your website page's content, maintaining a consistent user experience. The widget also provides features to display and use progress data.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Website Admin can access the Website Pages window.
Widgets in the Site Widgets section are displayed only to Content Editors with permission to edit pages applied at the root (https://[domainname]/) of your MSL website.

For further information, see Survey Admin.

This table lists and describes the available Survey widgets.

Widget NameDescription
This widget displays a single Survey form.
You can specify if the widget is hidden when the survey is no longer available, and if you would like respondents to be shown how far they are through completing the survey.
Widget text can be customised, for example, the Start and Finish button text, and the Response Expired Warning message.
Select whether the widget should output progress data as JSON should you wish to manipulate the data.
This widget is located in the Site Widgets section.
For further information, including descriptions of the widget's properties, see Survey Widget Properties (opens in a new tab).

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