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The Page Comments widget offers an additional avenue for your members to express their thoughts more informally; great as an alternative when other channels like Ideas, Surveys, or Forums aren't required.

Enabling Page Comments empowers your members to pose questions and seek clarifications regarding policies, initiatives, and other page content. Some of our student organisation customers have also used the Page Comments widget to create tribute pages where their members can freely share their emotions and sentiments.

With Page Comments, it is crucial to establish clear guidelines and implement moderation measures to ensure that the space remains respectful.

Run the Comments report in your Report Server to view a list of all page comments which you can filter by page and date, helping with the moderation of page comments.

Page comments cannot be made anonymously.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Website Admin can access the Website Pages window.

For further information, see Student Voice Overview.

This table lists and describes the available Page Comments widgets.

Widget NameDescription
Page Comments
This widget displays a text field on a website page, allowing your users to add comments to the page itself.
Page comments can be restricted to logged-in users only, and you can disable page commenting but leave the existing comments in place using the widget's settings.
This widget is located in the General Widgets section.
For further information, including descriptions of the widget's properties, see Page Comments Widget Properties (opens in a new tab).

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