How to Test a Survey

Before you publicise your survey, we recommend testing it out. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Time yourself completing the survey. If it feels too long, consider removing questions or using section redirects to streamline the experience. For further information, see Survey Questions and Survey Sections.
  2. Organise the survey into sections to provide breaks for respondents. Avoid adding too many questions to a single section which can be overwhelming, especially for mobile device users. For further information, see How to Add a Section to a Survey.
  3. Test completing the survey on a mobile device to check it's formatted correctly and accounts for different completion times. It might take longer to complete on a tablet or mobile device.
  4. Add an approximate completion time in the description field so your respondents know how much time to set aside. For further information, see How to Edit Survey Details.
  5. Ensure all Dropdown List, Radio Button List, Checkbox List, and Slider question types have question options, and if you use multiple Slider question types, make sure you're consistent in the number of scale points for effective comparison between questions. For further information, see How to Add Question Options.
  6. Review all section redirects to eliminate errors that might redirect respondents to incorrect sections. Flawed skip logic can compromise the quality of your data. For further information, see How to Redirect a Question Option to a Section.
  7. Delete your test responses to allow you to edit questions and avoid skewing the data. For further information, see How to Delete a Survey Response.
  8. Finally, enable notifications so you promptly receive survey responses. For further information, see Survey Notifications and How to Include a Survey Response Download Link in the Survey Response Notification.
  9. Once your survey respondents have started completing the survey, you can't edit it without removing the responses. If you have to edit the survey, consider copying it and making changes to the copied version. For further information, see How to Copy a Survey.

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