Push Notifications

Push Notifications are messages you can send directly to your user's devices. With push notifications, you can provide information or updates to your members even when they are not actively using your StudentLink app or your MSL website. They appear as small alerts on users' screens, typically accompanied by a sound or vibration, grabbing their attention and prompting immediate engagement.

They only reach users who have installed your StudentLink app on their devices. Each mobile platform supports push notifications - iOS and Android have their own services. Both iOS and Android apps require the user to grant permission for the app to send them push notifications.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to App Admin can access the Notifications window.

You can preview a push notification if you have downloaded and logged into your StudentLink or StudentLink+ app using the same account you are using on your MSL website to send the push notification. For further information, see How to Preview a Push Notification.

For further information, see StudentLink and StudentLink+ Overview.

Notifications Fields

This table lists and explains the Notifications fields.

Field NameDefinition
This is the Title for your Push Notification.
We recommend you keep it brief (5 words or fewer). Or, you can choose to have no title at all by leaving the Subject field empty.
The Subject field is supported by Android devices only.
BodyThis is the main text of your Push Notification. You can insert up to 200 characters of text, including emojis.

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