Registration and Invites

The Registration and Invites window is where you can send the Preregistration Invitation to any user with an account in your MSL System. Here, you have the option to include personalised text along with the invitation, allowing you to communicate the purpose of the invite, for instance, if you're asking the user to download the app for beta testing.

The content of the invitation itself is configured via the App Settings window. For further information, see App Settings.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to App Admin can access the Registration and Invites window.

For further information, see StudentLink and StudentLink+ Overview.

Registrations Fields

This table lists and explains the fields in the Send an Invitation to a Person section.

Field NameDefinition
Select Person

This is where you select the user you wish to send an invitation to.

The user must have an existing account in your MSL System. You can search for the user via their Person ID, Card Number or Name.

Additional MessageThis text field is where you enter any further text to appear in the invitation email.
The {MESSAGE_TEXT} token must be added to the Preregistration Invitation template to display the content added to this field in the email. For further information, see App Settings.

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