How to Promote Your StudentLink App

Once you've set up your StudentLink app with content, images, news, events, tickets, products to sell and voting, you'll want to encourage your students to make the most of it. Here's our 10-step checklist to help your team promote StudentLink and engage with more students:

  1. Start at Welcome Week - Promote exclusive early bird or VIP offer prices for passes & wristbands bought through StudentLink.
  2. Design a set of StudentLink posters for halls of residence & communal areas with QR codes to take users straight to the StudentLink app in the App Store (create your own or ask for help).
  3. Send a welcome email to everyone appearing in your data for the first time with all the great reasons to download StudentLink.
  4. Display an attractive landing page after a user's first website log-in to promote the app and your current app-only offers.
  5. Add a Smart App Banner to your website for iOS users to go straight to their app store. For further information, see How to Add a Smart App Banner to Your MSL Website.
  6. Mandate your officers, club and society committees and student staff to use and champion StudentLink to their members and friends.
  7. Publish and promote exclusive app-only content for liberation campaigns, events and officer updates 
  8. Ensure all election candidates use StudentLink and promote voting on the app as the easiest and quickest way to get involved.
  9. Set up limited StudentLink-only prices for tickets and products - show price comparisons for users visiting your shop or events pages.
  10. Ask student staff and officers to add positive app store reviews of StudentLink to encourage even more downloads.

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