Email Delivery

The Email Delivery window in your MSL Admin site helps you to manage email subscriptions and stop specific email addresses from receiving communications sent from your MSL System. Here, you can also monitor sent emails, including System-generated emails (such as registration invites and receipts) and messages sent by admins via your MSL website's message centre.

Within Email Delivery, you can track the success and failure rates of message deliveries, providing valuable insights for quick problem identification and resolution.


You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admin permissions can access the Email Delivery window.

The default email sending rate for your MSL System is set at 100 emails every 30 seconds. Contact to discuss adjusting this rate.

For further information, see Communications Overview.

Email Delivery Fields

This table lists and explains the Email Delivery fields.

Field NameDefinition
Delete AddressSelect to Delete the email address from any associated accounts.
UnsubscribeClick to Unsubscribe the provided email address from all organisations it is opted in to.
Email contact options removed
If the email address provided is subscribed to receive communication from various organisations, this will display the number of organisations from which it has been unsubscribed.
Email address links removed
If the email address provided is associated with an account, this will indicate the number of accounts from which it has been removed.
Start DateThis timestamp is when the corresponding batch of messages started being delivered.
End Date
This timestamp is when the delivery of the corresponding batch of messages was completed.
Message CountThis is the total count of individual messages sent within the corresponding batch.
Failure CountThis is the total count of individual messages that failed to be delivered within the corresponding batch. Message delivery failures can occur when the recipient's email address is either invalid or non-existent.

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