Organisation SMS Profiles

Organisation SMS Profiles offers an area to manage SMS communication settings within your MSL System. With Organisation SMS Profiles, you can:

  • Personalise the sender name linked to the chosen organisation
  • Toggle SMS delivery on or off for the selected organisation
  • Add or deduct SMS credits allocated to the selected organisation

You'll also have a clear view of your MSL System's total SMS balance, along with a breakdown of allocated credits (those assigned to specific organisations) and unallocated credits (credits available for assignment to any organisation as needed).


You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admin permissions can access the Organisation SMS Profiles window.

You will need to have Text Messaging enabled on your MSL System to access this feature.
If interested, please ask your Contractual System Admin to get in touch to discuss the installation of this feature and provide you with a customised quote for the required number of SMS credits.

Purchase SMS credits through MSL; they are available in bulk quantities. These credits have no expiration date, so you can keep them until you're ready to send your SMS.

For further information, see Communications Overview.

Organisation SMS Profiles Fields

This table lists and explains the Organisation SMS Profiles fields.

Field NameDefinition

This is the name of the Organisation for which you are adjusting the SMS delivery settings.

Sender IDThis is the Sender's display name visible to recipients of the SMS.
There is a default character limit of 11 characters.
SMS Enabled?Select to activate the Send SMS window in Messaging Admin.
Current Balance
This is the number of SMS credits allocated to the organisation.
Adjust Balance (+/- # Credits)
Enter a positive (for example, 100) or negative (for example, -100) number to allocate or deduct credits from the selected organisation.

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