Messaging Admin

Use Messaging Admin to send messages (emails and SMS) to your users. You can create a new message, continue or duplicate a draft, or copy a sent message for reuse. In Messaging Admin, you can view the sender, check the message content, and check it was successfully delivered.

For information about how to send an email, see Send Email and How to Compose an Email Message.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Organisation Admins with permissions to send messages can access the Messaging Admin window.

Generate more detailed reports in your Report Server for further messaging insights, including Email Open Stats, Demographics of Email Openers, Messages Sent to Email Addresses, Sent Messages, and Unsubscribes.

You will need to have Text Messaging enabled on your MSL System to send an SMS.
If interested, please ask your Contractual System Admin to get in touch to discuss the installation of this feature and provide you with a customised quote for the required number of SMS credits.

Purchase SMS credits through MSL; they are available in bulk quantities. These credits have no expiration date, so you can keep them until you're ready to send your SMS.

For further information, see Communications Overview.

Messaging Fields

This table lists and explains the fields on the Messaging Admin window.

Field NameDefinition
AuthorThis is the name of the user who created the draft message.
SenderThis is the name of the user who sent the message.
SubjectThis is the text inputted into the Subject field when composing an email.
If the message type is SMS, "SMS" is displayed instead of a message subject.
In the Drafts section, click the Subject to edit the draft, or in the Sent Items section, click to view the sent message.
StatusThis is the message's situation at a particular time during the sending process.

Upon successful delivery to all selected recipients, the tick () icon is displayed. If the message delivery is ongoing, the system indicates the percentage of users who have received the message, relative to the total number of recipients.

Message delivery might not be complete () if some recipients have unconfirmed email addresses. The message will stay pending until all email addresses are confirmed, the recipient reads the message in their message centre, or 14 days pass without either of these actions.

When the clock () icon is displayed, this indicates that the message has been scheduled for future delivery.

CreatedThis is the date and time when the draft message was initiated.
SentThis indicates the date and time when the message was sent.
RecipientsThis represents the number of users to whom this message was sent.

This is the number of users recorded as having opened this message.

The MSL System uses tracking pixels to help measure open rates, but please be aware that they may not be completely accurate due to certain factors:

  • The email must contain an image in the message body to track open rates
  • If images are blocked or turned off in the recipient's email software, the tracking pixel may not load, resulting in uncounted opens
  • If recipients read the email via the preview pane instead of fully opening the message, the opens are not counted
  • If the email is scanned by an anti-virus or security tool before delivery, it counts as an open

Email open rates may also be impacted by email clients and security settings that block tracking pixels, affecting measurement reliability.

Opens (%)

This is the percentage of users the MSL System has recorded as having opened this message, rounded to the nearest whole number, relative to the total number of recipients.

Copy ()Click to create a new draft based on the corresponding copied draft or sent message.
Delete ()

Click to Delete this draft.

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