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SMS, or Short Message Service, is a text messaging service enabling the exchange of short messages between mobile devices. Messages are limited to 160 characters and support the GSM ASCII character set, excluding some characters on a typical keyboard (e.g. curly brackets).

Use the MSL System to send text messages to groups with UK mobile numbers within an organisation with allocated SMS credits. It's a simple and quick method for sending brief messages. For example:

  • The Representation department can remind all non-voters to participate in a current election
  • The Marketing department can send meeting reminders to all welcome week helpers
  • The Rugby Club can instantly update players about any last-minute changes to fixtures


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Organisation Admins with permissions to send messages and with an SMS profile enabled for their organisation can access the Send SMS window.

You will need to have Text Messaging enabled on your MSL System to access this feature.
If interested, please ask your Contractual System Admin to get in touch to discuss the installation of this feature and provide you with a customised quote for the required number of SMS credits.

For further information, see Messaging Admin and Communications Overview.

Send SMS Fields

This table lists and explains the fields on the Send SMS window.

Field NameDefinition
Add Recipients

Click to open the Recipients window.

In this window, senders can select a mailing list(s) and/or individual users as message recipients. 

The list only includes users who have opted to receive SMS communication and have a mobile number linked to their account.

For further guidance, including the process for bulk-opting users to receive SMS communication, see How to Set Up SMS.

Message TextThis is the main body of the SMS.
This field supports the GSM ASCII character set.
There is a character limit of 160 characters.

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