How to Set Up SMS

Before you send your SMS, consider these steps to boost the chances of successful delivery:

  1. Mobile Numbers - Ask your data controller to add mobile numbers to your data file.
  2. Updating Numbers - The MSL System won't automatically refresh mobile numbers after import. If you want us to update existing records, contact
  3. Opt-In - Provided that your institution permits it in their data protection policy or similar, opt in all members of your organisation to receive text messages
  4. Credits - Ensure you have enough SMS credits allocated to your MSL System. If you're running low, contact For further information, see How to Check the Overall SMS Credit Balance.
  5. Credit Allocation - Distribute those available credits to the organisation you are sending the SMS from. For further information, see How to Update the Balance for an Organisation SMS Profile.
  6. Sender Check - Double-check your organisation's SMS profile to ensure the sender details are correct. For further information, see How to Edit an Organisation SMS Profile.
  7. Test - Give it a trial run. Send a test SMS to yourself to confirm it's delivered successfully and that you're happy with the content. For further information, see How to Send an SMS.

Now you're ready to hit send with confidence. For further information, see Send SMS, SMS Delivery and Organisation SMS Profiles.

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