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JSON feeds and RSS feeds are web feeds for syndicating content to third-party apps and platforms. These feeds are useful because they make it easy to collect and organise data, and then present that data, or use that data in a variety of different ways.

JSON feeds provide an easy-to-read format for exchanging data between different systems. They are easy to parse, manipulate and integrate with a wide variety of programming languages and platforms. This makes it a great option for developers who want to build web applications that can access and consume data from different sources, such as Articles created in your MSL System. JSON feeds can be used to export Articles from your MSL System for display on external websites.

RSS feeds allow users to easily stay updated with the latest content from their favourite websites, and other online sources. Instead of having to manually visit a website to check for updates, users can subscribe to the website's RSS feed and receive updates automatically. This makes it much easier and more efficient to stay informed about the latest Articles published by your organisation or student groups, for example.


You can access this feature from your MSL website.

For further information, see News Admin.

News Feeds Querystring Parameters 

This table lists and explains the Querystring Parameters that can be used by News Feeds:

URL Parameter NameData TypeDefinition
subtreeTrue/FalseThis specifies whether to include results from child organisations of the specified Organisation ID. The default value is False.
imagesizeStringThis specifies the thumbnail sizes in image URLs e.g. 'small' / 'medium' / 'large'. These sizes must be set on a website and feed basis, along with the resize type. Names are not limited to small/medium/large, allowing for specific requirements. For further information, see How to Set Up JSON News Feeds.
This parameter is only applicable to JSON feeds.
Comma-separated list of news tags
Specify a comma-separated list of News Article Tags e.g. tags=elections,officers.
This data type is case insensitive and will include articles if any of their tags match any of the specified values.
For further information, see News Admin.
This parameter is only applicable to JSON feeds.
Date string in format 'yyyy-mm-dd'
If a publishedSince date is specified, the feed will only include articles published since the date specified e.g. publishedSince=2024-01-07 will restrict to articles published since 7th January 2024.
This parameter is only applicable to JSON feeds.
StringThis specifies the order the articles are displayed in e.g. 'publishdatedescending' / 'publishdate'.
The default value is publishdate, displaying the articles in ascending order.
This parameter is only applicable to JSON feeds.

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