How to Use a JSON News Feed


You can access this feature from your MSL website.

Before proceeding, to create a JSON feed, MSL first has to configure them. For further information, see How to Set Up JSON News Feeds.

The Organisation ID must exist below the previously defined root in your MSL System's grouping tree.

For further information, see News Feeds.

  1. From your MSL website, access the JSON News Feed at https://[domainname]/svc/feeds/news/[Organisation ID]/
  2. If required, attach the following URL parameters to refine the results further:
    • subtree
    • imagesize
    • tags
    • publishedSince
    • sortOrder
  3. Returned are publicly viewable articles, according to the organisation and URL parameters.

Example URL

The following example URL will return all public articles below the Union organisation, using the tag Elections and published since 25th December 2023 with the most recently published articles appearing first and the image size set as specified, if applicable (for further information, see How to Set Up JSON News Feeds).


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