Communications Overview

The MSL System is flexible, offering you the freedom to communicate and connect with your members on your terms. Whether you prefer the directness of email, the immediacy of SMS, the impact of a news article, the depth of a blog post, or the dynamic interaction of a livefeed – reach your members effectively with MSL's communication tools.

Use various features to share important updates. Explore the following tools to enhance your communication through your MSL website:

  • Use News Articles and Blogs to communicate with your members. News articles are linked to organisations in your MSL System, such as Advice or Volleyball, while Blogs are linked to individual users like one of your officers.
  • News Articles are powerful tools for updating members and guiding them to relevant information. They can also serve as signposts, leading to other pages on your MSL website or external web content. Choose your preferred presentation style, whether it's a list on the news page or a dynamic scrolling banner on the homepage. For further information, see News Admin.
  • Blogs allow individuals to publish and share their thoughts, opinions, information, and experiences. They provide an engaging way for authors, including your officers, to connect with readers through written content. Members can also comment on Blog posts, facilitating direct feedback and conversation. For further information, see Blog Admin.
  • LiveFeeds on your MSL website provide a dynamic stream of content, perfect for live commentary on events like Varsity fixtures or real-time updates, such as officer election counts. Post updates on a channel with automatic refresh on the LiveFeed widget, ensuring new entries appear on the screen without manual refresh. For further information, see LiveFeeds.

You can also reach out to your members directly through email and SMS, to share timely updates and provide more personalised information:

  • Messaging Admin is a secure email platform for effective staff-student and student leader communication, allowing admins to send emails without viewing recipients' email addresses. Choose to contact mailing lists, such as current students, first years, or society committee members, or select individuals for targeted communication. For further information, see Messaging Admin.

  • Admins can send plain-text emails or use email templates for branded communication, ranging from newsletters to election updates. The Raw HTML Composing Mode allows direct insertion of HTML documents, ideal for pasting templates from sponsors or email template creation websites. For further information, see Send Email.

  • The MSL System supports messaging and automated notifications directly via the relevant area such as Elections Admin, Activities Management, and Volunteering Admin.

  • Welcome messages can be sent to users upon joining a group. Use these messages to welcome students or staff to your organisation or introduce new members to student communities, societies, and sports clubs. For further information, see Welcome Message Templates.

  • Send quick text messages (SMS) to your members using allocated SMS credits. For instance, the Representation department could remind non-voters to participate in an election. For further information, see Send SMS

  • Use the mailing list widget on your MSL website for easy sign-ups to opt-in lists.

  • MSL also integrates with external platforms such as Mailchimp and Dot Digital Engagement Cloud. For further information, contact

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