How to Create an Email Template


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Website Admin can access the Website Pages window.

Before proceeding, if the /emailtemplates/ page isn't already installed on your MSL Website, create a child page of your MSL website's homepage (/) at /emailtemplates/.

When applying the email template to a message, only content from the Content tab is used. Any content added to the CSS, JavaScript, or Widgets tabs will be ignored. To customise the email template's style, include the styles as a block declaration in the Content tab.

When you use an email template for a message, the sender can only edit content within the pre-defined editable areas. The remaining content will be visible but cannot be modified unless they have permissions to edit the email template itself.

Ensure you resize images before adding them to the email template to ensure proper formatting. When you send an email via messaging admin, all images are sent at their original sizes, so you must format them correctly before uploading.
MSL suggests a width of 600 pixels for optimal display if you use MSL's example email template to build your email template.

When adding images to your email template, upload them to your MSL website or other web server. Make sure to include the absolute image URL in your email source code. This way, your recipient's email server knows where to locate the image, linking to the hosting site, storage location, and the image file itself. For example, https://[domainname]/pageassets/emailtemplates/newsletter/logo.jpg rather than only /pageassets/emailtemplates/newsletter/logo.jpg

For further information, see Email Templates.

  1. Log in to your MSL website.
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select Website Admin. The Website Admin window is displayed.
  3. Click Edit Pages. The Website Pages window with a list of website pages you have permission to edit is displayed.
  4. Next to the /emailtemplates/ page, select the checkbox and click Create Child Page. The New Page window is displayed.
  5. In the Page Name field, enter a web-address friendly name for your email template.
  6. In the Page Title field, enter a display name for your email template.
  7. Deselect the following checkboxes:
    • Initially Viewable to All
    • Display Links
  8. Click Create Page. The Edit Page window is displayed.
  9. Within the Content tab, deselect the Use WYSIWYG Editor checkbox. The source editor is displayed.
  10. Create the template by either:
    1. Adding your own HTML markup to the source editor
    2. Downloading the Example Email Template msl-example-email-template.txt, copying and pasting the content into the source editor. To download the file, see Download Example Email Template
  11. Select the Use WYSIWYG Editor checkbox, and in the WYSIWYG Editor, check and update your content and use the editor toolbar to format your text, add images, links etc.
  12. Click the Save/Exit tab. The Save Options section is displayed.
  13. In the Update Notes field, enter any relevant notes, then click Publish. You are returned to the Edit Page window.

Download Example Email Template

To download the attached Example Email Template, click the filename.

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