How to Add External Recipients to an Email Message

You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Organisation Admins with permissions to send messages can access the Send Email window.

For information about how to enable the External Recipients window for an organisation, see How to Allow External Recipient Messaging.

To add external recipients from a file, ensure that the file is in Excel (.xlsx) or comma/tab-separated text format. 
The file should either have a single column for email addresses or three columns in this order: Email Address, First Name, Last Name.
Remove any column headers before uploading.

Before proceeding, when sending to external recipients, MSL doesn't track open rates. Instead, use Google Campaigns for tracking. For further information, see How to Track Email Insights Using Google Campaigns.

Uploaded files aren't saved, so you'll have to upload the list whenever you message external recipients.

For further information, see Send Email.

  1. Log in to your MSL website.
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select Messaging Admin. The Select Organisation window is displayed.
  3. From the list of Organisations, select the relevant organisation. The organisation’s Messaging Admin window is displayed.
  4. To create an Email, either:
    1. Click Send Email
    2. Edit an existing draft by clicking the relevant Subject field
    3. Copy an existing draft or sent message by clicking Copy (
      ) next to the relevant message
  5. The Send Email window is displayed.
  6. Click Add Recipients then, from the Recipients window, click External Recipients. The External Recipients window is displayed, displaying any existing external recipients, if applicable.
  7. In the External Recipients window, either:
    1. To add a single external recipient:
      • In the Add Single Recipient section, in the Email Address field, enter a valid email address
      • Optionally, in the First Name field, enter the recipient’s first name
      • Optionally, in the Last Name field, enter the recipient’s last name
      • Click Add Recipient. The recipient is added to the list of external recipients
      • If required, repeat these steps to add further recipients
    2. To add recipients from a file:
      • In the Add Recipients From a File section, click Choose File
      • Select the relevant file from your device, and click Upload File. The recipients are added to the list of external recipients
  8. Click Back To Message. You are returned to the Send Email window.

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