Duplicate Addresses

Easily manage your user's addresses with the Duplicate Addresses feature. View a list of addresses linked to your users' accounts with the same first line and use this feature to correct discrepancies, ensuring uniformity across accounts.

For example, if one user missed details like the second line of their address and their city, while another provided complete information, you can update the addresses on the corresponding accounts for consistency. This prevents shipping errors and helps users smoothly checkout without address issues on your website.

If the provided addresses aren't quite right, you can easily fix them by selecting an address to resolve, adding the new details, and then resolving any duplicates with the correct version you added.

You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admin permissions can access the Duplicate Addresses window.

For further information, see Communications Overview.

Resolve Duplicate Addresses Fields

This table lists and explains the Duplicate Addresses fields.

Field NameDefinition

This field is the unique number given to a duplicate address.

For instance, if the address with ID 100 is correct and the address with ID 101 is incomplete, on the Resolve Duplicate Addresses window you would choose to update any references to 101 with address 100.

Line 1This is the primary field within an address form, designated for the entry of the first line of the recipient's address.
The duplicate addresses window relies on the information entered in Line 1 to identify duplicate addresses.
Line 2This is the secondary field within a postal address form, for supplemental details in the recipient's address such as the name of the village or town.
Line 3

This is the field within a postal address form specifically designated for the entry of the recipient's city.

Line 4

This is the field within a postal address form designed for the entry of the recipient's county.

Post Code

This is the field within a postal address form where users enter the postal code or ZIP code.

Country CodeThis is an automatically generated field within the address form using the selected Country.

This is the field within an address form designated for the entry of the recipient's country.

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