Elections Training Videos


Creating Your Election’s Roles

In this training recording, we cover essential steps to secure your elections and the process of creating new roles. We explore self-defining roles and adding requirements. Additionally, we guide you on updating the default election ballot rubric, configuring default election messages, and updating manifesto choices. This will make the creation of your next election from scratch quicker and more straightforward.

Building and Updating Your New Election

In this training recording, we dive into the basics of election management. We start by showing you how to create a new election and how to copy a previous one. We explore the use of embedded forms, such as profile, nomination, and candidate statement forms, to make managing nominations easier. Finally, we learn how to add a post to the election, gearing up for tomorrow's session where we do our final checks before nominations open.

Final Checks, Nominations, and Voting from Your Members' Perspective

In this training recording, we'll guide you through the last steps of your election setup. Learn how to limit the number of nominations a candidate can submit. Understand the crucial step of securing your election by restricting access, and how you set up election notifications to keep your candidates and voters in the loop. We'll also show you how to display your election and how to check and approve candidates. Get a first-hand look at the nominations and voting process from your members' perspective, and how to message candidates and voters through Elections Admin.

Reporting and Live Voting Stats in Your Election

In this training recording, we show you how to create voter and non-voter groups for more enhanced reporting and targeted communication, and how to view live election voting stats to stay updated on real-time information. Follow the steps to run election reports through the MSL Admin site. Delve into setting up live voting stats, including how to add a vote counter widget to a page, as well as how to set up demographic and student group live voter stats.

Counting Votes and Unveiling the Winners

In this training recording, learn to run election counts effortlessly, covering FPTP and STV counts for one or multiple places. We also cover how to start a new count with the option to remove candidates. Discover additional features like Count Control, the Vote Record for candidate votes at each stage, how to populate candidates into positions, and how to publish election results on your website.

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