How to Set Up an Alternative Election Root Page using the Elections List Widget

Your Elections module system pages, responsible for creating web pages like the manifesto and ballot pages, can exist in multiple locations across your website. By default, these pages are only set up at /elections/, meaning your ballot page is accessed at /elections/ballot/, for example. However, if you prefer a different URL or want a specific URL for certain elections (for example, to keep your voters within an Officers Election microsite), you can achieve this using the root page override option on your election list widget.

To permanently move your elections pages, you can move the /elections/ page and its child pages within your website page structure, for example, moving them to /representation/elections/. This would mean the ballot page would only be accessed at /representation/elections/ballot/. Alternatively, you can rename the page, for instance, to /representation/, making the ballot page accessible at /representation/ballot/. Afterwards, update the election list widget's root page override field with the new URL.

If you prefer certain elections to use the default elections pages while others use a different set, contact to duplicate the /elections/ system pages at an alternative URL. Include the URL of the webpage where you want your elections pages duplicated.

You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Website Admin can access the Website Pages window.

Before proceeding, ensure that the elections system pages are already present at the root page you select in the Root Page Override field.

For further information, see Elections Widgets.

  1. Log in to your MSL website.
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select Website Admin. The Website Admin window is displayed.
  3. Click Edit Pages. The Website Pages window with a list of website pages you have permission to edit is displayed.
  4. Next to the relevant page, select the checkbox.
  5. Click Edit. The Edit Page window is displayed.
  6. Select the Widgets tab. The Widgets section is displayed.
  7. In the Add New Widget section, within the General section, select Elections List. The Widget Editor window is displayed.
  8. In the Organisation field, either:
    1. Start typing the Name of your Organisation or the Organisation ID, then select the relevant one from the dropdown that is displayed.
    2. Click the Grouping Tree icon (). The grouping tree is displayed. Click Expand () to display the contents of a node, and click one item to select. The selected item is entered into the Organisation field.
  9. If nominations are yet to open, or are currently open, select the Show Candidacy Options checkbox.
  10. In the Root Page Override field, click the Page Selector icon (). The website page structure is displayed. Click Expand () to display the contents of a node, if required, and click one item to select. The selected item is entered into the Root Page Override field.
  11. Complete the remaining fields as required and click Save.
  12. Click Content, and from the Widgets dropdown, select the widget. The Elections List widget is entered into the editor. 
  13. Select the Save/Exit tab. The Save Options section is displayed.
  14. In the Update Notes field, enter any relevant notes, then click Publish. You are returned to the Edit Page window.

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