Update Memberships

The Update Memberships window allows you to update University data parameter-linked membership groups for either all user accounts or a specific user, usually after actions such as resolving accounts held in Pending data or Duplicates, or making changes to data groups. This eliminates the need to wait for overnight data refreshes to see these changes applied to member accounts, which is especially helpful if members require these memberships to be eligible for elections, purchasing, or participating in other activities on your MSL website.

After running, the Results section displays the number of memberships created, expired, and updated:


You can access this feature from your MSL System Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admin permissions can access the Update Memberships window.

Before proceeding, please note that not specifying a card number will result in updating all your MSL System user's University memberships which may take some time.

For further information, see People Overview.

Update Memberships Fields

This table lists and explains the Update Memberships fields.

Field Name
Specify Card NumberThis is the user's University ID or card number.
By providing this number, the system will update the user's memberships within University data parameter-linked groups.

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