How to Create an SSO Quicklink URL for Page Access

You can streamline the login process for your users by sending them a special link that uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure they land on a page already logged in. This link automatically redirects users through the SSO login if they aren't already logged in, ensuring quick access to the specified webpage. It's particularly helpful for email communications, social media posts (such as election reminders), or cross-website links, for example, from the university's website to yours, to improve the user journey.

You can access this feature from your MSL website.

Before proceeding, please note that the following guidance applies only to MSL websites equipped with an SSO login integration.

MSL suggests having one of your users test the SSO Quicklink you've created to ensure it functions correctly before sharing it more broadly.

For further information, see Login Widgets and People Overview.

An SSO Quicklink URL consists of three parts:

  1. Protocol and domain: This is your MSL website's root URL
  2. Path to the login handler: This is the section of the link guiding users through the SSO login
  3. Relative URL of the webpage: This is a web page's URL, not including the protocol and domain

For example, to generate a URL that, when clicked, takes the user to a page on your MSL website already logged in via the SSO login, this is how you would structure your URL:

  1. Start with your MSL website's root URL: https://[domainname]
  2. Next, include the SSO login link: /sso/login.ashx?ReturnUrl=
  3. Then add the relative URL of a page on your website, for example, /elections/vote/101/
  4. The full URL using this example would be: https://[domainname]/sso/login.ashx?ReturnUrl=/elections/vote/101/

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