University Data Validity Length

The University Data Validity Length is the period for which imported university data remains considered valid within your MSL System and determines how frequently the system checks the last import date against the specified validity date to ensure the data's accuracy. 

For reliable daily imports, maintain the validity setting at one day. This means that university data is considered valid if the last import date is the previous day or later. However, if import problems occur frequently, extending the validity to three days or more is recommended, preventing widespread expiration of memberships, including crucial groups like Current Students, due to a single-day import issue. For manual imports or retrospective reporting, set a specific validity date, remembering to reset it when no longer needed.

You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admins permissions can access the University Data Validity window, but only MSL has the permissions to update these settings.

For further information, see People Overview.

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