How to Send a Message to Event Attendees

You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Events Admin can access the Event Messages window.

You will need the Door Entry & Venue Management module to access the feature covered on this page.

You may see an alert displayed: 'There are no estimated recipients for this message'. You can only send messages to attendees if at least one attendee has been admitted into the event.

For further information, see Event Messages.

  1. Log in to your MSL website.
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select Events Admin. The Events Admin window is displayed.
  3. From the list of Events, select the relevant event. The Event Details window is displayed.
  4. Click Messages. The Messages window is displayed.
  5. In the Attendees section, set an Attendance date range, if required.
  6. Click Compose Message. The dialog is displayed.

  7. The From Name, From Address and Subject fields are already populated. If required, edit these fields.

  8. In the Body field:

    • Enter your message

    • Use the editor toolbar to format your text, add images, links etc.

    • Use the Tokens dropdown to insert pre-set event information such as {EVENT_START_TIME} or {EVENT_LOCATION} to your message

  9. Click Send. The Messages window is displayed. A confirmation message is displayed showing the number of recipients.

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