Door Entry Overview

The MSL Door Entry module provides a complete door entry and event management system. The system has been developed and implemented for student unions and associations to support marketing, venue management, door entry speed, customer analysis, customer interaction, transaction costs and post-event reporting. MSL Door Entry extends the events features of the MSL System and can be run on any wifi-enabled device to access the event data.

When your members purchase their tickets through your MSL website or till points, the system attaches purchase information to registered users’ University cards – there’s no need to print off tickets. On entering the event each student’s card (or e-ticket) is scanned, entry is validated and the student’s attendance at the event is registered. The Door Entry Station flags up those under 18, and any banned students, to prevent illegitimate entry. If a student loses their card they can be searched quickly on the system, providing they have adequate alternative identification, and their entry is validated in seconds. The Door Entry Station can additionally prompt the operator to enter the type of identification shown on the door and can use the device's camera to take a photo of every attendee.

Used alongside scheduled report subscriptions, you can have last night's overall attendance and demographic breakdown in your inbox first thing in the morning. Following your event, you can also either reach out to attendees per-event via Events Admin, or contact us to set up an automated email you could use to gather feedback on your event. For further information, see How to Configure Automatic Post-Event Emails for Attendees.

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For further information, see MSL System Overview.

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