Election Administrators

You may grant several members of staff, student staff, and other student leaders access to Elections Admin to help administrate elections. If one of your student officers decides to stand in the Leadership Election again, for example, you may need to restrict their access to that election, so you'd do that in the Admin Options window.

Being able to restrict who can administer an election is important for several reasons:

  1. Security - Administrating an election means users need access to potentially sensitive data and systems. Restricting access to only authorised users can help reduce the risk of tampering and security breaches.
  2. Accountability - If you limit who can administer an election, it is easier to hold users responsible for any irregularities or problems that may arise during the election process.
  3. Impartiality - Restricting who can administrate an election can help ensure you conduct the election fairly and impartially, maintaining the integrity of the election.
  4. Transparency - By restricting who can administrate an election, it is easier to ensure that the process is transparent and that all participants know who is responsible for administering it.

Super Admins with access to different areas of the MSL Admin site, for example, those with Membership Admins, Polling Station Operators and Election Admins permissions, also have access to impact an election to varying extents. We recommend asking your Contractual System Admin to check user permissions before your elections.


You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Elections Admin can access the Admin Options window.

Before you proceed, only users or groups with Edit Elections permission for the Organisation to which the Election belongs are displayed on the Admin Options window.

For further information, see Elections Overview.

Admin Options Fields

This table lists and explains the Admin Options fields.

Field NameDefinition
Select admin optionThis field is where you select who you wish to be able to access the Election's admin windows. The options are:
  • Anyone with Edit Elections permission for this election's organisation
  • Specific people with Edit Elections permission for this election's organisation
  • Specific groups that have Edit Elections permission for this election's organisation
NameThis is the name of the user or group with Edit Elections permission for the organisation to which the Election belongs.
InfoThis lists the group or organisation, if a user is selected, or the organisation, if a group is selected, where the Edit Elections permission is assigned.

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