StudentLink and StudentLink+ Overview

Stay connected with the StudentLink and StudentLink+ apps, the perfect companions to keep your members connected and engaged. This isn't just a mobile version of your MSL website –  it's your shop in your members' pockets, democracy at their fingertips, a ticket to a big night out, their own clubs and societies news in one place and ID for when they've lost their student ID card.

StudentLink is your branded native mobile app designed to increase year-round engagement with your student members wherever they are. It integrates seamlessly with your MSL website for a holistic digital communication approach.

StudentLink+ offers additional branding throughout the app, including your presence in Apple and Google Play app stores. It reinforces your identity across all channels, ensuring easy access to your authorised content.

The StudentLink and StudentLink+ app's features include:

  • Identifiers add a personal touch to the StudentLink experience, giving your members a digital membership card on their device
  • Elections and Referenda features built into the app encourage your members to participate by casting their votes quickly and easily through StudentLink
  • Give Student Groups a dedicated area on your StudentLink app, with their news, events and memberships displayed on their own app screen
  • Sell products and tickets through the app. The App shop is distinct from the Website shop, making reconciliation easy. The StudentLink basket supports requirements, customisations, product agreements, next of kin detail collection and fulfilment options to be selected.
  • Push notifications help you keep your members up to date with special offers, events,  activities, and breaking news

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