How to Include a Survey Response Download Link in the Survey Response Notification

You can access this feature from your MSL website. Only Content Editors with access to Survey Admin and Organisation Admins with permissions to edit surveys can access the Edit Notifications window.

The survey response report cannot be downloaded by recipients who do not have edit surveys permissions for the organisation to which the survey belongs.

Before proceeding, the /admin/surveys/responsereporthandler/ page must be installed on your MSL website to facilitate the report download.
Contact to check the page is enabled.

For further information, see Survey Notifications.

  1. Log in to your MSL website.
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select Survey Admin. The Survey Admin window is displayed.
  3. From the list of Surveys, select the relevant survey. The Edit Survey window is displayed.
  4. Click Notifications. The Edit Notifications window is displayed.
  5. Select Response Notification. The dialog is displayed.
  6. In the Edit template section, update the From Name, From Address, To Address, Subject and Body fields, if applicable.
  7. In the Body field, enter your MSL website's domain in the format https://[domainname] and use the Tokens dropdown to insert the {RESPONSE_REPORT_URL} token next to the domain, without any forward slash or space in between.
  8. Highlight and copy the URL formed of your MSL website's domain and the token, and click the Link icon. The Link dialog is displayed.
  9. In the URL field, enter the copied URL.
  10. Click OK. The hyperlink is created.
  11. Click Save Changes. You are returned to the Edit Notifications window and a confirmation message is displayed.

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