How to Generate a QR Code for StudentLink


You can access this feature from your MSL website.

Before proceeding, MSL recommends you generate and scan one QR code to ensure it's working as expected before generating more, for example, one per student group.

Remember to add the QR Scan item to your StudentLink menu so your users can scan QR codes on your StudentLink app. For further information, see How to Add a New Item to a Menu Section.

For further information, see QR Scan.

How to Structure a QR Code URL

A QR Code URL consists of two parts:

  1. Web Page URL: This is the absolute URL of a page on your MSL website
  2. Content Item Parameter: This is the content you want to link to in-app

For example, to generate a QR Code that, when scanned, takes the user to the Orchestra Society's page (on your StudentLink app or on your MSL website), this is how you would structure your URL:

  1. Start with your web page's URL: https://[domainname]/society/orchestra/
  2. Next, include the content item parameter, which may look something like this (where 7286 is the Orchestra Society’s ID number): ?v=v1&type=OrganisationListItem&id=7286
  3. The full URL would be: https://[domainname]/society/orchestra/?v=v1&type=OrganisationListItem&id=7286

How to Generate a QR Code

Before proceeding, MSL does not endorse a specific QR code generator; therefore, please ensure the security and safety of the tool you decide to use.

Once generated, when a user scans this QR code, if they use the QR Scan screen within the StudentLink app, the specific content item within the app is displayed, in this example, the Orchestra Society's page. However, if they scan it with any other QR code scanner, for example, their device's camera, they are taken to the web page associated with the content item.

  1. Navigate to your chosen QR Code generator website.
  2. Input your QR Code URL, and if applicable, customise the appearance of your QR Code.
  3. If required, click Generate or Create QR Code.
  4. If required, click Download. Your QR Code is saved to your device.
  5. Test the QR Code works by launching StudentLink and use the QR Scan screen to scan your QR Code.

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