Organisation Email Profiles

Organisation Email Profiles provides a comprehensive platform for managing email communication settings within your MSL System. Use Organisation Email Profiles to:

  • Customise the sender name associated with the selected organisation
  • Toggle email delivery on or off for the selected organisation
  • Activate a feature that lets the selected organisation contact users who do not have accounts within your MSL System
  • Enable the option for delayed sending, allowing the selected organisation to schedule emails for delivery during specific times, such as while you are on holiday or over a weekend
  • Enable a feature called Allow Relaxed HTML Clean Ruleset, letting you directly input or paste entire HTML documents (not limited to just the <body>) into the email composition window, thereby enabling you to send well-designed emails without creating an email template


You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admin permissions can access the Organisation Email Profiles window.

For further information, see Communications Overview.

Organisation Email Profiles Fields

This table lists and explains the Organisation Email Profiles fields.

Field NameDefinition

This is the name of the Organisation for which you are adjusting the email delivery settings.

Sender NameThis is the Sender's display name visible to recipients of the email message.
Enable Email MessagingSelect to activate the Send Email window in Messaging Admin.
Allow External RecipientsSelect to enable the External Recipients option when adding recipients to a message.
External Recipients can be added either individually or through an Excel (.xlsx) or comma or tab separated text file.
Allow Delayed SendingSelect to enable the Sending Time section within the Send Email window.
When selected, you can send messages immediately or schedule them to be sent at a specific date and time.
The default maximum sending delay is set to 48 hours. For any extension beyond this, contact
Allow Relaxed HTML Clean RulesetSelect to enable the Switch to Raw HTML Composing Mode option on the Send Email window, where you paste full HTML documents directly into the email composition window, eliminating the need to create an email template. This method bypasses clean rules.

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