People Overview

Creating individual user accounts for each system user lets your members to interact with your MSL website, while also providing you with comprehensive insights into their engagement with your organisation. People can be registered in the system in several ways:

  • Data File - Regularly import a data file containing members' information.
  • SSO Login - Use a Single Sign-On (SSO) login, where attributes are released to provide necessary information for account creation.
  • Registration Page - Allow users to independently create accounts through a registration page.
  • Manual Creation - Super Admins can manually create accounts, typically for non-members like staff.

Accounts can be created using any combination of these methods. For instance, a blend of manual creation for staff accounts, a guest registration page for non-student accounts (e.g. ticket purchasing), account creation through SSO for new students not yet in the data file, and a regular data file upload for fully enrolled students.

Once users create an account, they can fully interact with your MSL website, and all their activities within the system are tied to their account. You can manage their account through the People window, where you can:

In the People window, you can also merge duplicate accounts to consolidate all of a person's records into one account and identify potential duplicate accounts that can be merged together.

For further information, see MSL System Overview.

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