Merge People

The Merge People window allows you to combine duplicate accounts for the same person. For example, this might happen when someone creates an account through a registration page before another account is created through a University data import. By merging two identities, you ensure that all the user's relevant information, like memberships, transactions, and tickets, is stored under one account. This reduces confusion for users and administrators and keeps a complete and accurate record of each user's activities in your MSL System.

Merging accounts transfers memberships, transactions, and tickets from the source identity to the target one, then deletes the source account. Usually, you'd choose the most recent or incorrectly registered account as the source and the oldest account as the target.


You can access this feature from your MSL System Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admins permissions can access the Merge People window.

Before proceeding, once a merge is completed, it cannot be undone. Therefore, ensure you've selected the correct identities before merging the accounts.

If you receive the message "Cannot merge these identities because of existing records. This has been logged to MSL support", first, search for and remove any duplicate memberships, including expired ones. If issues persist, attempt merging identities in the opposite direction.

If you receive the message "Source and target have overlapping person property records", first, search for and remove any duplicate person properties. For further information, see How to Delete a Person Property.

If you receive the message "App user account records exist for both source and target people", contact with the person IDs of both the Source and Target identities so we can merge the accounts for you. For guidance on finding a user's ID, see How to Locate a Person ID.

For further information, see People Overview.

Merge People Fields

This table lists and explains the Merge People fields.

Field NameDefinition
Source Identity

The account that is being merged into the target account.

You can search for the user via their Person ID, Card Number, Name or Email Address.

Target Identity

The account into which the source account is being merged.

You can search for the user via their Person ID, Card Number, Name or Email Address.

Keep Source Identity's User Account?When selected, the login credentials associated with the source identity will also be transferred from the source account to the target account.
Select this if the current Single Sign-On (SSO) login is in place on the source account.
For further information, see Website Account.

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