Duplicates shows records for users who haven't been automatically imported from the University's data feed. This occurs when there are users with similar details but different card numbers in the most recent import. Managing these duplicates is crucial because users in this state can't log in until the issue is resolved. This is a security measure to prevent users from having multiple accounts for activities like voting in elections.

This situation commonly occurs when students change programmes within the university or are enrolled in multiple programmes simultaneously, leading to the assignment of multiple student numbers.

To resolve duplicates, you need to select which record is the current or primary one, indicating to the system which record to import.

After resolving the duplicate, the additional card number is added to the Block List, and the record is moved to Pending Data for your attention. The system will try to resolve it automatically, but if there are other user accounts needing merging, like self-registered ones, manual action might be needed. For further details, see Pending Data.


You can access this feature from your MSL System Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins and Site Admins permissions can access Duplicates.

Before proceeding, if you're unsure about the action to take for a person's record, consult your University records team or the individual directly. They can assist in identifying the primary card number.

When you choose one record, the others are automatically added to the Block List. If you select the incorrect record by mistake, you can go to the Block List, remove the wrongly blocked record, and add the correct one.
For further information, see How to Remove an Entry from the Block List.

For further information, see People Overview.

Duplicates Fields

This table lists and explains the Duplicates fields.

Field NameDefinition
Last Imported Date

This refers to when a record last appeared in the data file.

If this date coincides with today, the record remains in the file.

Registration Attempts

This refers to the number of times a user has tried to validate their account through a data match registration page.

Data match registration pages are used on sites with a data file, but without single sign-on (SSO) login.

This field is displayed only in the Duplicates window.

Last Attempt

This refers to the last time a user tried to validate their account through a data match registration page.

This field is displayed only in the Duplicates window.

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