How to Configure a Card Swipe or Scan Pattern

You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Membership Admins or Site Admins permissions can access the University Card Information window, but only MSL has the permissions to update these settings.

Before any major events or elections that involve swiping or scanning student cards at the door entry or polling station, we recommend testing the card is being read correctly with a few users once the field is configured to prevent any potential issues.

For further information, see Scanning University Cards

  1. Connect the card reader to your device. This might involve plugging it into a USB port or another appropriate interface.
  2. Open the Notepad application on your device. You can usually find Notepad in the Windows Accessories folder or by searching for it in the Start menu.
  3. Click into the Notepad document to position the cursor where you want the output of the card swipe or scan to appear. This is where the data from the card reader will be displayed.
  4. With Notepad open and the cursor positioned, swipe the card through the card reader or scan the card's barcode. 
  5. After swiping or scanning the card, the card reader should send the data to your device, and it should appear in the Notepad document where you positioned the cursor. The output will typically be a string of characters or numbers representing the unique identifier encoded on the card.
  6. Send the output and the corresponding card number or student ID to MSL will configure the Card Swipe Pattern or Card Scan Pattern field.

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