How to Configure Automatic Post-Event Emails for Attendees

An automated email can be sent to users marked as attending an event via the MSL Door Entry station. The system email template “EventAttendeeMessage” can be customised to include, for example, a link to a feedback survey, and supports the following tokens to insert pre-set event information:






Contact to set this up, specifying the organisations and their IDs whose event attendees should receive the message. Notify us if you need to change these organisations in the future.

Once configured, Super Admins with Site Admin permissions can update the email content anytime via the Email Templates window in your MSL Admin site. For further information, see System Email Templates.

You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins with Site Admins permissions can create and edit System Email Templates.

This daily automation will email attendees of events that ended within the past three days (but not less than 24 hours ago) if it hasn't already emailed them about the event.

For further information, see Event Messages, System Email Templates and Door Entry Overview.

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