How to Resolve Application Launch Issues

If you're encountering issues launching a Windows Application, we recommend trying the Web version as a first step if you haven't already. For more information about the MSL Applications, see MSL Applications. For guidance about how to launch a Web Application, see How to Launch a Web Application.

To resolve most application launch problems, try resetting your ClickOnce preferences, then attempt to launch the application again, ensuring you have installed the relevant ClickOnce extension. For further information, see How to Launch a Windows Application in Edge, How to Launch a Windows Application in Chrome and How to Launch a Windows Application in Firefox.

For further information, see MSL Applications.

Common Application Launch Issues and Solutions

  1. "Cannot connect to the server – response was ‘Unauthorised’" - Ensure that you're entering the correct username and password, which should match the credentials used when logging into your MSL Admin site.
  2. Application appears in the taskbar but not on screen - If you sometimes use multiple screens, the application may inadvertently open off-screen. For Microsoft's guidance on resolving this issue, see Some Programs Are Displayed Off the Screen.
  3. Application launched from a desktop shortcut fails to load - Try launching the application directly from the MSL Admin site as it may require an update.
  4. Prompted for a Site Code - For guidance about finding your site code, see How to Locate your MSL System Site Code.
  5. Prompted for a Server URL - If the Server URL field is blank in the Connection dialog, complete it using this format: https://[sitecode]
  6. Application isn't installed - Contact for assistance.

If you're still having trouble loading an application after following our guidance, please contact including a screen recording or screenshot of the issue, along with the steps you've taken.

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