Accessing and Navigating Your MSL Admin Site

Your MSL System comprises two essential areas. Firstly, your MSL website is the public-facing part of the system where your members and other users can access information, services, and resources. Your MSL System also includes your MSL Admin site, accessible only to authorised Super Admins, which also contains a suite of MSL Applications designed to manage various aspects of the MSL System, such as your Door Entry, Point of Sale, and Polling Station, along with a Report Server.

Your MSL Admin site is divided into functional areas, each dedicated to managing different aspects of your MSL System. Your ability to access these areas depends on the modules installed on your MSL System, and the permissions assigned to your MSL Admin site account by your Contractual System Admin. If you don't have an account or don't have access to the area you need, contact your Contractual System Admin in the first instance.

Access permissions for the MSL Admin site are separate from those for your MSL website. Having access to one does not automatically grant access to the other.


You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins can access the MSL Admin site.

Before logging into your MSL Admin site, you'll need a username and password. Look for an email with the subject starting with "New MSL Admin site account for..." or "New Admin Website account for...".
If you haven't received one, ask your Contractual System Admin to check if you have an account and to submit a request for one if needed.

For further information, see MSL System Overview and MSL Admin Site Permissions.

MSL Admin Site Home Menu

This table lists and explains the items in the home menu.

Submenu NameDescription
Admin ()This submenu is where Super Admins with Site Admins permissions can manage user access to your MSL Admin site and view a log of all activities on the site.
For further information, see MSL Admin Site Permissions.
People ()This submenu is where Super Admins can create, manage, and merge user accounts.
For further information, see People Overview.
Groups ()This submenu is where Super Admins can manage groups, like creating and updating student groups, mailing lists, roles, etc.  It's also where permissions for these groups are managed.
Dashboards ()This submenu is where Super Admins can access the default, and any custom, Dashboards. They contain summaries of membership, login activity, sales and voting data, event and ticket sales stats, product sales stats, and student group data.
Applications ()This submenu is where Super Admins can launch both web and Windows applications.
For further information, see MSL Applications.
System Setup ()This submenu is where Super Admins configure certain site-wide settings, like System Email Templates, Welcome Messages, and Organisation Membership Groups. Some items are view-only, such as Global Expiry Dates, Registration Pages, HTML Clean Rules, and File Content Types, which only MSL can update.
Import ()This submenu is where Super Admins can view imported data and resolve import issues using Pending Data, Duplicates, and the Block List. You can also check a user's Card Status here.
University Data ()This submenu is where Super Admins can view data received via the data feed, specify parameters displayed on reports, and link them to groups. You can also check a user's Card Status here.
For further information, see Set Up Parameters.
POS ()This submenu is where Super Admins can view sales activity, check individual transactions, process refunds, and manage settings for shops, tills, finance codes, tax codes, collection points, and delivery settings in your MSL System.
Events ()This submenu is where Super Admins manage Door Entry settings, including venues, entry points, and capacities, configure Attendee Groups, Import Events in bulk, and manage E-ticketing, if enabled.
Attendance ()This submenu is where Super Admins manage Attendance settings, like setting up locations, creating sessions, and running Attendance reports.
Voting ()This submenu is where Super Admins manage default settings for Elections and Referenda, like the ballot rubric, election messages, and manifesto options. It's also where Election and Referendum counts are performed.
For further information, see Election Results, Referendum Results and Voting Settings.
Messaging ()

This submenu is where Super Admins monitor message delivery and subscriptions for emails and SMS. They also manage messaging settings for each Organisation here, like sending messages, scheduling future emails, emailing external recipients, and using a relaxed HTML clean ruleset.

For further information, see Email Delivery, Organisation Email Profiles and Organisation SMS Profiles.

HEAR ()This submenu is where Super Admins select which memberships should be available for users to include in their HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).
Report Server ()This is where Super Admins run reports on data from their MSL System. Reports are organised into folders like Memberships, Voting, Surveys, Volunteering, etc.
For further information, see Report Server.

Browser Compatibility

The MSL Admin site is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox on macOS devices running version 10.13 or later. On Microsoft Windows devices running version 10 or later, it supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (latest version).

We will use reasonable endeavours to support updated versions of the listed browsers within three months of their release. Compatibility ends when the respective publisher or manufacturer discontinues extended support for the version in question.

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