MSL Applications

Your MSL System comprises two essential areas. Firstly, your MSL website is the public-facing part of the system where your members and other users can access information, services, and resources. Your MSL System also includes your MSL Admin site, accessible only to authorised Super Admins, which contains a suite of MSL Applications designed to manage various aspects of the MSL System, such as your Door Entry, Point of Sale, and Polling Station, along with a Report Server.

The MSL Applications are accessible in two formats: Web Applications and Windows Applications (ClickOnce Apps). Web Applications can be run on any device equipped with a browser and an internet connection, while Windows Applications have specific compatibility requirements. Currently, the POS Admin application is the only one not available as a web version, but it will be in the second half of 2024.


You can access this feature from your MSL Admin site. Only Super Admins can access the Applications submenu.

Contact your Contractual System Admin to update your access to Applications as required. For details on required permissions, see MSL Admin Site Permissions.

For further information, see MSL System Overview and MSL Admin Site Permissions.


.NET Framework

The Windows Applications are compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 (x86 or x64) or later and require an up-to-date .NET Framework. To ensure support availability, it's essential to have the latest Microsoft updates and service packs installed. If you face any problems, contact your IT support department for help.

Apple Mac

For Mac users, we recommend using our Web Applications whenever possible. However, if you need to access our Windows Applications from a Mac, you'll need to use a utility like Boot Camp Assistant or virtualisation software such as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox. These programs create a virtual machine on your Mac, enabling you to run Windows alongside macOS without rebooting.

MSL Applications

This table lists and describes the available Applications.

Application NameDescription
AttendanceThis application tracks who comes and goes using ID cards or manually entered contact information, helping you keep records of students, staff, and visitors in places like meeting rooms and event venues where tickets aren't needed for entry.
For further information, see Attendance Station.
Door EntryThis application is used to manage entry for in-person events set up in the MSL System and includes the ability to check and redeem entry options, record guest information, and manage your venue's capacity.
For further information, see Door Entry Station.
Memberships Admin (Windows Application)This application's features are now in the People and Groups windows.
For now, it is still available for creating and editing organisations and membership groups, registering people, updating their details, managing memberships, and accessing membership reports, but it will be removed in the future.
Point of Sale (Windows Application) and Web Till (Web Application)

These are MSL's EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) applications for selling memberships, tickets, and other products within the MSL System.

Both versions facilitate sales and collections, allowing users to mark items as collected.

The Point of Sale application also enables new registrations, processing refunds (independent of your MSL website's payment gateway), creation of memberships, and management of a delivery queue for marking items as sent.

Polling StationThis application allows your members to vote in person at designated locations, such as on campus or in your organisation's building.
For further information, see Polling Station.
POS Admin (Windows Application)

This application enables you to create products, manage them, and put them on sale.

For further information, see How to Launch a Web Application, How to Launch a Windows Application in Edge, How to Launch a Windows Application in Chrome, and How to Launch a Windows Application in Firefox

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